Workplace Vitality Hub WPVH

Workplace Vitality Hub WPVH A vital worplace through smart technology

New technologies have an enormous impact on our lives. Physically we are much less active (‘sitting is the new smoking’). In addition, our continuous online presence causes us more stress. In short: we let technology take over much of our lives.

But what if we turn this round? What if we use these (digital) technologies to support a vital lifestyle in our work and working environment in a smart and personalized way?

Welcome to the Workplace Vitality Hub!

More information about the Workplace Vitality Hub?

Sustainably improve the vitality of people in their working environment, that's the Workplace Vitality Hub mission. As a founding partner, we are happy to contribute to this, together with the other founding partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e en HTCE.

Twice is the initiator of the Workplace Vitality Hub.

"The Workplace Vitality Hub is a hyper modern location where both young startups, scaleups and already established high-tech companies can strengthen each other. By working together on innovations and overlapping research questions in the field of workplace vitality, we ensure knowledge sharing and network expansion. Twice's role is to facilitate all housing related issues and strengthen the partner program." 

Marc Kuipers - Director Twice


A healthy work environment is not a given in this day and age, where we often spend long hours sitting behind a screen. For employers in the Brainport region, a vital environment is of increasing importance in attracting and retaining people and preventing them from dropping out. Technology plays an important role in this and that is why knowledge partners Fontys, imec, TU/e, TNO and Twice (together FITT) are developing a research and innovation program for vitality in the work environment.

Validating and developing innovations requires an environment where they can be tested in controlled conditions on a relevant scale. FITT is therefore working with the High Tech Campus on the Workplace Vitality Hub. This hub is located in a state of the art building (High Tech Campus 85), where the bar is set high when it comes to a healthy work environment.

  • Living Lab

On this floor, together with partners from the business world, we research and develop new technologies and their applications in a real life setting (living lab). The working person and his needs are central to this.  By deploying smart, intuitive technologies, we strive to make employees more vital and buildings healthier. The result? Healthier people, buildings and businesses.  

The Workplace Vitality Hub is a co-location where the FITT partners bring together their teams of researchers, project managers and students in the field of workplace vitality with business and tech partners. Together they actively use the Hub as an experimentation, test & validation, showcase, meeting and collaboration space.

  • Flex spaces

Workplace Vitality Hub offers you your own fixed and monthly terminable workspace. In the Workplace Vitality Hub at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, number 85, you have a workplace for € 300 per month.

What do you get as a 'resident' of this vitality hub:

  • access between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to the beautiful location located on the HighTech Campus at the large pond;
  • use of coffee, tea and water;
  • use of the space including the use of state of the art furniture; 
  • use of WiFi in the workspace;
  • opportunity to participate in the Move Health vitality program of Fontys Sporthogeschool.

For more information or an inspiring tour of the hub, please contact Jesper Beerens:

  • Becoming a partner?

Are you a startup and looking for a booster for your technology? Then become a partner of the WPVH.
We offer multiple forms of partnerships ranging from community member to strategic partner.

Located in the smart and sustainable building at HTC 85, all partners combine their knowledge, technologies and expertise to find innovative and efficient solutions for a vital working environment. We aim to develop smart technologies that will increase people’s vitality, both at home and at work.


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Jesper Beerens
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Summary of benefits Workplace Vitality Hub WPVH

Located on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Close to arterial roads (motorway) and public transport
Vibrant entrepreneurial network at HTCE
Various amenities within walking distance (restaurants, childcare, sports centre, etc.)
Are you interested or do you have a question?
Jesper Beerens
Jesper Beerens

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