After Summer Lunch Break TU/e (Catalyst, Twinning, Alpha)

After Summer Lunch Break TU/e (Catalyst, Twinning, Alpha)

9 Sep 2021


Hopefully, you are currently enjoying the summer and a well-deserved holiday. 
As of September, we will start the second half of the year with some new positive energy. 

Although after one and a half years of Corona nobody expected that there would still be Corona measures in place, we want to look at what is possible instead of what is not. Because the urge to meet each other is still there, perhaps now more than ever.

That is why we want to start the second half of the year off right and invite you to our After Summer Lunch Break on Thursday, 9 September from 12.00 until 14.00 hrs. Having a bite to eat and a drink together and meeting up again with fellow tenants from Twinning, Catalyst and Alpha.

Because there are still corona measures to consider, but also because we don't want to waste any food, we would like to ask you to register for this event before 1 September.

We very much look forward to meeting you again! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


9 Sep 2021
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