Diversity & Inclusion Event

Diversity & Inclusion Event

28 Jan 2021

2020 has brought significant societal changes and movements that have impacted how we live, work, and think. Conversations around Inclusion and  Diversity are becoming more open, and organizations recognize where they may need to improve. As we rebuild the new normal with careful consideration, uncover and learn how YOU can play an integral role in the repositioning and restructuring for an INCLUSIVE Ecosystem. 

So, beyond the leadership statements, online discussions, and social media challenges, how do YOU actually advance towards diversity, equity, and inclusion?The active inclusion starts with YOU, on an individual level.  If you’re not quite sure, how YOU can lead inclusion, join us on 28 January, where we accelerate the conversation of Inclusion and Diversity and leverage the collective knowledge of leaders across the Brainport and beyond.

Don’t Miss Out. Latest Insights & Trends.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • The Business Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
  • Foster Inclusion as Covid-19 changes the workplace?
  • Recruitment Innovation, developing a talent strategy for the future
  • Diversity Of Talent, closing the gender gap
  • Inclusion and Integration of internationals in the Dutch Ecosystem
  • Meet & Hire (Local) International Talent

Fantastic place to get ideas and learn about the best practices -The entire day will consist of inspiring and informative sessions from which you can choose. In this way you can put together a tailor-made program.

28 Jan 2021
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Organised by
Expat Spouses Initiative, Brainport Development, Living In, Holland Expat Center
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