17 Mar 2021

Join us for this signature reverse-hackathon, FasTrackathon, on March 17 from 9:00-17:00. This is the third virtual FasTrackathon, so you could say we have it down to a science (so to speak).

Over the past year, 15 teams based on 12 advanced technologies have joined the venture building program, starting with the FasTrackathon.‍‍

At FasTrackathon, advanced technologies from some of the world’s top research institutions are being presented, including European Space Agency (ESA), CERN, TNO and Philips.

These are the six technologies up for grabs at FasTrackathon:

CERN: Coaxial Pulse Conditioner
ESA: Additive Manufacturing Solution
TNO: Ultra-thin Printed Temperature Sensors
TNO: Stimulated Depletion Emission Lithography (STED)
Philips: Fiber Optics Microscope
Philips: Electro-active Polymers 


What happens at FasTrackathon?

Individuals register for the event and rank their tech preferences, then we place them on teams according to their preferences.

On the day of the event, entrepreneurs, engineers, physicists, tech experts and business professionals from all over the world generate bold, creative ideas. They identify application areas and business propositions for the technologies and pitch their ideas at the end of the event.

We assure you FasTrackathon is NOT your usual Microsoft Teams meeting! You’ll be collaborating with deep-tech lovers just like you, brainstorming ways to take these advanced technologies to market.

After FasTrackathon, teams continue to develop their business cases for two weeks in our pre-program sessions. If they decide to stay together as a team and join the venture building program at HighTechXL, they pitch their ideas at Final Selection Day. The spring program starts in April.

Join a deep-tech venture team that tackles grand societal challenges the world faces today. Don’t just watch the world change. BE the change.

Read about the technologies:


17 Mar 2021
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