High Tech Campus - Wild break (March)

High Tech Campus - Wild break (March)

15 Mar 2022

With a mini-safari around your office, explore nature and look for wildlife during your lunch break.

The High Tech Campus is not just smartest square kilometre in Europe. The Campus is also a living landscape, full with wildlife hidden in plain sight.

Nuno Curado, an enthusiastic urban wildlife ecologist, will take you on a short discovery tour, in search of the wild animals and plants that also call the Campus their home!

An opportunity to really disconnect from work, to stretch your legs and focus on wildlife. No special equipment or clothes are needed. Just meet us at 12.00 sharp at the Food Lab (food trucks) next to the water.

There are limited places (15 people per Wild Break). So make sure to register soon to spend this Tuesday lunch-break with nature.

Participation is free. Afterwards you can decide for yourself how much you thought the Wild Break was worth. You will receive a message with an open payment request. This is without obligation.

15 Mar 2022
12.00 - 13.00
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