Jitske Kramer - Connecting Leadership

Jitske Kramer - Connecting Leadership

18 Mar 2021

Work has left the building
Like modern nomads, we have stored our office camp in the attic or bedroom. At first, it was exciting to be on a working holiday at home. But we are increasingly realising: work processes have changed forever. We don't easily fall back into old patterns.

Remote or hybrid working is here to stay
Corona measures constantly challenge us to adjust, change and innovate. And that places totally different demands on you as a leader:

How do you ensure connection and team spirit?
How do communication, decision-making, hierarchy and conflict work?
How can you, as a leader, be 'Close at Hand'? 
A fresh look at your role in a 'culture shock'.
Jitske Kramer went looking for answers to these questions in anthropology. And she found surprising lessons that give leaders like you a real grip. Direction and inspiration. Not a ready-made recipe, but a fresh look at your role in this culture shock we are in together. You immediately feel: this is going to help me. I know and feel what I have to do. And I know I can do it.

Jitske does not do it alone: she invites a number of special guests to this digital master class on Connecting Leadership. 

Please note this masterclass is in Dutch!

18 Mar 2021
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