KickOff EHV Speeddates XL

KickOff EHV Speeddates XL

28 Apr 2021

After a very successful previous edition of Startup SpeedDates, this time we're coming with an even bigger and improved version!

This time our SpeedDates will involve more match-making beforehand, making them more targeted and better organized. To be able to do this, we ask from you to let us know about who you are looking for. Still, we encourage you to stay open, and we count on your willingness to meet with some students that may not suit your needs.

In addition, instead of having live pitches by each startup, this time we're asking you to send us a recorded (max) 1 minute pitch about your startup and what you're looking for. This pitch will be shared on our social media channels to inform the students. Soon after your signup, we will get in touch with you with some additional information and the link to upload the pitch.

Finally, since we appreciate your time, once we have gathered all the students that are joining, we will make sure to communicate to you if there are no students in the fields that you are interested in. Nevertheless, we still encourage you and would be more than grateful if you joined the SpeedDates anyhow. You will still get a chance to meet with young and ambitious students that you may need down the road. You never know whom you might be impressed by! 


28 Apr 2021
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