KickoffEHV Talks

KickoffEHV Talks

3 Mar 2021

TedxTALKS, Kickoff EHV edition

Through the second edition of Kickoff Talks, KickoffEHV and Twice aim at inspiring and triggering the entrepreneurial mindset of both design and tech students and give them the courage to explore it. Second topic? Design meets Technology.

Why Design meets Technology?

We believe in the powerful relationship between design and technology. These two sectors should not operate separately from each other. Instead, by combining their forces, unforeseeable accomplishments can be achieved.

In the data driven society of the future, decisions depend on the data we gather. This would have a huge impact on how governments, cities, businesses and companies design and implement policies and strategies. Secondly, ethical and social issues arise, about the governance and ownership of the data. By looking at the data driven society from a technical viewpoint but more importantly, also from a design viewpoint, these issues can be solved.


19:25 Opening livestream

19:30 Kickoff EHV intro and welcome round

19:35 Introduction on the topic by Paul Bessems

19:45 Presentations by speakers

20:15 Discussion panel with our speakers

20:45 Conclusions

21:00 End of the event

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3 Mar 2021
Free after registration
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KickoffEHV & Twice
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