Live event - Professional Pitch training - part 2 (TU/e campus)

Live event - Professional Pitch training - part 2 (TU/e campus)

24 Sep 2020

Twice, together with Pitch Perfect, organizes a great (live) Professional Pitch training on three half-days, on Thursdaymorning September 17, Thursdaymorning September 24 and Thursdaymorning October 1, 2020. In these three half-days you will bring your presentation skills to a professional level in the basic training. An inspiring experiential course in which awareness and authenticity are central. In three group sessions you will learn with a maximum of 9 others through stimulating exercises how to strengthen your story with a clear structure and expression, and how to stand on stage comfortably and with conviction. The training takes place at TWICE on TU/e Campus, Lismortel 31  Eindhoven. Sufficient distance makes this event completely corona proof.


Session 1: Less is more. Based on your own presentation, you will search for the essence of your story. What do you actually want to tell? With the thought 'less is more' we give you knowledge and insight to focus sharply and clearly on the elements that make your story unique

Session 2: Authentic expression. Authenticity is essential for a convincing presentation. That does not mean that there is no stretch in your expressive abilities. We increase your comfort zone with stimulating theater exercises. By playing with dramatic silences, emphases and movement, you experience what your reach is and what the impact is on your presentation when you apply it.

Session 3: Owning the stage. Posture, breathing and "owning the stage". In this session we teach you handy techniques that make you stand more comfortably in front of the audience and automatically speak calmer and clearer. We give you tricks to lower stress and tips on what you can do to be the boss on stage. You end the session with your presentation.


  • Convincing & goal-oriented presentation
  • Clear & concise story
  • Improved posture & expression
  • Speak to the public with confidence
  • Professional basis as a public speaker
  • Continuous learning through insight & awareness
  • Passion for presentation


The training courses are offered by TWICE at greatly reduced costs to its members and network partners. Twice members pay € 100. Members who are going to pitch the next breakfast pitch pay € 50. External participants pay € 245, - External startups € 175, - A maximum of 10 people can participate per training. Corona proof, sufficient distance.

Date & location

3 half-days on Thursday 17 - 24 September 2020 and 1 October (9.30am-12.30pm) at TU/e Campus (Twinning conference room).

Participation is only possible after registration.

About Pitch Perfect

Read more about great experiences and the vision of Pitch Perfect:



24 Sep 2020
09.30 AM -12.30 AM
from € 50, - see overview
Organised by
Twice & Pitch Perfect
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