Livestream on first energy-generating billboard Lusoco

Livestream on first energy-generating billboard Lusoco

24 Sep 2020

After a period of one and a half years, Lusoco unveils the first illuminated billboard that generates its own energy.
This will take place on Thursday 24 September, from 15.00 - 15.45 via a live stream.

Did you know that illuminated advertising in the Netherlands consumes as much energy as all the households in Lelystad combined? 
Lusoco develops technology to create illuminated advertising and information boards, where the printed image itself provides the energy for the night lighting through the light of the previous day. Instead of consuming energy, the advertising and information boards become energy-neutral or even energy-positive. 

About Lusoco
Lusoco is a tech startup housed in Twice's hub Catalyst on the TU/e Campus. Lusoco develops inks, solar cells and electronics for a new generation of illuminated billboards, information boards and glass facades. These glass panels make use of the luminescent solar concentrator properties, generating the energy needed for night-time lighting with the light of the previous day. This eliminates the need to connect advertising and information boards to the electricity grid and makes installing these boards easier and cheaper. This makes the illuminated billboard energy-neutral or even energy-positive.

24 Sep 2020
15.00 - 15.45 uur
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