Living Together Digitally

Living Together Digitally

22 Sep 2021

With pleasure I would like to invite you to the thematic afternoon programme' Living Together Digitally' that takes place during the closing of the Program Creative Industries .

You can join this thematic afternoon programmein Kazerne, on September 22nd.

Special guests and speakers will include Mayor John Jorritsma and Nuno Nunes, professor at the Lisbon Tecnico-University and founding chairman of the Interactive Technologies Institute Portugal.

Nunes is the pace-setter of the digital inclusive storytelling project MEMEX, which aims to establish co-operations and to minimisethe risk of exclusion in societies.

This day will be all about the potential and importance of technology in society and the co-operation between designers and technologists. Nuno Nunes will give the first keynote speech, followed by a Q&A in English. After the speech there will be a panel discussion.

The afternoon programmewill start at 13:00 and concludes at 16:00 hours

Het event will also be streamed via 


22 Sep 2021
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