Online conference: labor mobility in times of corona

Online conference: labor mobility in times of corona

11 Nov 2020

Are you looking for a more flexible organization with more deployable employees in these times? The corona crisis is shaking up many organizations. Responsible employers initiate labor mobility. It is HR's task to use (internal) labor mobility to move people and the organization to a new perspective. The online conference of the HR Academy "Labor mobility in times of corona" provides the combined knowledge and practical experience of colleagues and experts. It provides new insights and smart solutions for questions such as: How do you organize and stimulate labor mobility. how do you prepare people for a new step through further training and retraining or how do you engage appropriate networks to help employees outside the organization find work?

The program covers a morning with various keynotes, break-out sessions and an interactive round table. Because the conference is completely online, you can also review the selection sessions that you did not attend afterwards, all on demand! The program also offers ample opportunity to network online with colleagues.

A selection from the program:

  • Organizing labor mobility in your organization
  • Creating support for labor mobility
  • Increase employability through reskilling and job crafting
  • Build internal talent pools
  • Preparing employees for a job outside the organization
  • Making optimal use of mobility networks

What does this online conference bring you?

You will gain insight into the impact of the corona crisis on labor mobility and the employability of employees.

You know how to organize labor mobility and how you can make smart use of mobility networks.

You will receive input from colleagues who have already started working on this.

You know which resources you can use to increase the employability of employees.

You know how to create support among employees through optimal communication.

11 Nov 2020
9.45 AM - 1.00 PM
€ 299,-
Organised by
HR Academy
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