ONLINE - How to successfully share your lab facilities

ONLINE - How to successfully share your lab facilities

17 Sep 2020

Are you interested in sharing your lab facilities and make them available for other researchers, scientist and organizations? But are you facing some challenges to do so? Join the Kadans Connected webinar, organized in cooperation with Clustermarket and learn how to share your lab facilities in a successful way.

During this Connected webinar, Clustermarket will elaborate on the challenges researchers and scientist are facing while sharing their lab facilities and provide you with solutions. Furthermore, they will demonstrate the benefits of transparency and equipment sharing within the scientific community and discuss how collaborative working can have a positive impact on innovation. After you have joined the webinar you will have an understanding of why widening access to science and scientific resources are important and beneficial. You will get insights of the barriers that knowledge and research institutions have around resource sharing. And finally, you are getting an overview on the benefits of embracing innovative digital sharing platforms.

Hanne Linden – Account & Community Manager, Clustermarket

Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner

The webinar will be in English. Participation is free of charge. We advise you to use Google Chrome for the best connection

17 Sep 2020
11.00 AM- 12.00 AM
Free of charge
Organised by
Kadans / Clustermarket
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