Online inspiration session circular manufacturing

Online inspiration session circular manufacturing

29 Apr 2021

The new circular economy offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry in Brabant. After this meeting, you will know how to apply circular product, design strategies and business models in five steps to create new business opportunities. You will learn how to use circular principles to increase your competitiveness and create new value for your company and your customers.

More information about the programme can be found here

With the cooperation of Simon Rombouts of Chainable, winner of the Brabant Circular Innovation Top 20. This meeting is an initiative of Smart Industry Hub South in collaboration with CIRCO | Creating Business through Circular Design and is offered by the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij, Brainport Industries, Brainport Development, FME, Koninklijke Metaalunie, KvK, Midpoint, Province of Noord-Brabant and REWIN.


29 Apr 2021
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Smart Industry Hub Zuid
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