Online - Special DDW Drinks, Pitches & Demos  - Oct 21, 2020

Online - Special DDW Drinks, Pitches & Demos - Oct 21,2020

21 Oct 2020

Do you have a really cool idea or dilemma you want to share? Maybe you are looking for a solution to a challenging technological problem? Now is your chance. Join Drinks, Pitches & Demos, an informal gathering with drinks and demos for start-ups, innovators and inspiring professionals.

On October 21, a special online edition at the Dutch Design Week! Are you ready for this Monster edition in collaboration with Manifestations, to celebrate designers & startups that are revolutionizing technology and offering solutions to the major challenges facing society.

Check de website van voor de link om deel te nemen op woensdag.



21 Oct 2020
5PM - 6PM
Free of charge - online
Organised by
High Tech Plaza
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