September 30, 2022, BrainBloC: Trial Class 'Data-Driven Organizing'

September 30, 2022, BrainBloC: Trial Class 'Data-Driven Organizing'

30 Sep 2022

Please note that location is in Breda (BUAS)!

BrainBloC: Trial lesson 'Data-driven Organizing

Weconomics Impact Program (learning program, WCP) 

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As a participant you can choose from three variants

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  3. loose theory modules (€ 210,- per module ex VAT, can also be done online/hybrid)



Program lead Paul Bessems: “Questionless, data is the greatest innovation in the history of humanity, but we’re using it below par”

How do you make an impact with data-driven organizing? Undoubtedly, man's most important innovation is data-driven organizing. However, we use this innovation incorrectly or minimally. Most people spend a large part of their daily time processing or using data, not only in the office, but also at home, for example. This is in stark contrast to the attention paid to the question: what is data anyway and how can you best organize the supply and demand of data?

In this learning-working program we will show what kind of social transformation we are in and how data may well play the most important role in it. The question that remains is: how data-wise are you? Issues such as digital waste, non-transparent algorithms, disinformation, fake news, profiling, power of tech companies and data breaches show that data is not always organized and used in a safe and productive way.

Another problem is that at least thirty percent of the total organizational costs are spent on requesting data from other parties. So you can save those costs. That is pure profit. We also know that at least seventy percent of transformation projects fail because of the wrong organizational perspective. That can and must change, given the social challenges we face.


30 Sep 2022
9.30 - 16.30
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