TechTalk Energy

TechTalk Energy

1 Apr 2021

The manufacturing industry in the Netherlands plays an important role in the energy transition. With the deployment of high-tech expertise and precision technology, the Netherlands has the knowledge to make the machines, products and materials required to facilitate the energy transition. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world.

During the online TechTalk, moderator Tom Jessen will talk to industry figureheads about the importance of a strong Dutch manufacturing industry to enable energy transition; what market opportunities are there, how can they best be realised through collaboration and what needs to happen in the Netherlands to make this possible?

Then, the role and opportunities of the manufacturing industry within the hydrogen transition and the importance of a national value chain for electrolyser technology will be discussed. The Dutch Electrolyser Initiative will present its objectives and invite parties to join. 

The following will speak:

Marc Hendrikse (figurehead Top Sector HTSM)
Richard van de Sanden (Scientific Director of the TU Eindhoven research institute EIRES)
Henri Koolen (Senior Vice President VDL Groep)
Ivo Wessels (Managing Director VDL Energy Systems)
Dennis Schipper (Director Demcon)
Eric de Bie (Provincial Executive of North Brabant)
Eddy van Hijum (Provincial Executive of Overijssel)
Ed Buddenbaum (Secretary, Top Sector Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

The event in is Dutch

1 Apr 2021
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