TekDelta Warming Up: Towards a Sustainable Energy System

TekDelta Warming Up: Towards a Sustainable Energy System

8 Apr 2021

One of the biggest challenges today is the transition towards a sustainable, available, secure, accessible and affordable energy system. An energy system that contributes to a more sustainable and resilient environment requires a collaborative and innovative approach. On the 8th of April, we will explore the road towards a sustainable energy system with an inspiring event with innovators, corporates, policymakers, and sustainable energy experts. 

The keynote speaker will be Mohammed Chahim, a Member of the European Parliament active in the field of sustainability and climate change. Mohammed will stress the need for innovation and collaboration to accelerate the energy transition. In addition, we have selected top innovative scale-ups that are changing the energy landscape. These scale-ups will take the stage and demonstrate how their solutions are contributing to a more sustainable world. Your hosts, Innovation Orchestrator at TNO Michael van Hulst, and TekDelta director Anita Lieverdink, will make sure you’ll have an inspiring and fun event.

The 8th of April is the 'warming up' for a series of events that will explore, facilitate and foster new concrete collaborations within the TekDelta network.

  • Date: 08 April, 2021
  • Time: 10:00-11:45 
  • Contact: getconnected@tekdelta.nl

* If you are a tech innovator interested in working with one of our partners make sure to register and make your TelDelta profile.

8 Apr 2021
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