Webinar Internationalisation: global production distribution, a site in China

Webinar Internationalisation: global production distribution, a site in China

1 Sep 2020

Although the situation in the world is returning to normal, companies operating in China continue to feel the effects of the corona outbreak. The strict travel restrictions that still apply make it difficult, if not impossible, to travel to China and the impact on logistics is still noticeable. As a result of the pandemic, many manufacturers are unable to obtain parts, which could cause production to grind to a halt.

Dutch companies that collaborate a lot with China or Chinese producers are therefore considering how best to organise their production, personnel and activities in China. This is in order to keep the business manageable and profitable in the long term.

In addition to reshoring, the retrieval of (parts of) production from China to Europe, there is an inverse trend of global production spread. Just like (partial) reshoring, an own production network in Asia can reduce the risks of a possible future pandemic.

Within Trade and Innovate NL, Brainport Development, Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij, Oost NL and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland are providing an update on the pros and cons of global production diversification and the opening of a branch office in China. 

On Tuesday 1 September from 11:00 - 11:45 the speakers below will talk to you about this:

Jin Houdijk-Chen, Head of Grant Thornton Dutch China Desk
Hans Duisters, CEO, Sioux Technologies
Moderator: Ronnie Kuppens, Project Manager China, Brainport Development
Q&A: Judith van de Bovenkamp, Oost NL

You can register until Monday 31 August via the registration button on the right.
The link for the event will follow on the day itself! We hope to meet you virtually on September 1st, until then!

1 Sep 2020
11.00u - 11.45u
Organised by
Trade and Innovate NL
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