AKKA ECPM 1 June 2020 live at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

AKKA ECPM 1 June 2020 live at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!

28 May 2020

As a well-known player in the precision engineering market, AKKA will be opening the doors of the Excellence Center for Precision Mechanics (EPCM) in the Netherlands this week! 

AKKA operates at the forefront of technology where electrical engineering and mechanical engineering come together with the digital and connected world. Particularly in the fields of Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Food, Energy & Telco and Logistics & Transport. The company focuses in the Netherlands: 

  • Precision engineering 
  • Thermal engineering and flow calculations
  • Stress and fatigue

Through ECPM, AKKA offers a wide range of services within Mechanical (precision) Design. Competencies such as Electronic Design, Embedded Software solutions & services and digital solutions are also available. All available engineers are seniors in their field. 

ECPM makes first line support locally available from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Project teams are operational at the AKKA branches in Eindhoven and Belgium. 

If the customer so desires, AKKA can also set up an offshore branch. Because of its global spread, it can also offer offshore services throughout the region. 

The intention is to start with a wide range of mechanics because of the strong demand from the market. But also other competencies (such as embedded systems and mechatronics) are readily available. 

AKKA ECPM will go live on 1 June 2020 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!  

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman
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