And the winner of the TU/e Contest is...

And the winner of the TU/e Contest is...

15 Jun 2021

Today was the final of the TU/e Contest: the entrepreneurship and innovation competition for Bachelor and Master students of the TU/e. With as absolute winner: Aristotle Cognitive Training! This multidisciplinary team of Master's students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Radboud University, with its keen interest in cognitive training and its application in real life situations, won the main prize.

On their website it says: "Our main focus is on using cognitive training in the world of professional football to improve ingame performance."

And the mission statement reads, "We believe we can help you build a culture of support, challenge and engagement in your team, both in their professional and personal lives. By offering personalised and specialised programmes to train cognitive skills such as working memory, spatial awareness, reaction time and many others, we give people the tools to be better in chaotic/uncertain situations. Thus, we add value to people personally and to their organisations professionally."

In addition to the audience award of €1500, the team will also receive the Talent Award from Twice Eindhoven. This consists of a financial compensation of 1000 Euros and workplaces for two people for six months in startup hub Alpha.

Congratulations, you've more than earned it! And welcome to Alpha.

Solutions for questions of the future
During their time as students, TU/e students are prepared for solving societal challenges. They are provided with a solid foundation of interdisciplinary skills, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking. Crucial to this is the link with practice and the linking of academic skills with expertise from the business community, the public sector and civil society organisations. By continuously linking with companies and governments at home and abroad, the TU/e is able to combine high-quality knowledge with its students in order to design solutions for the questions of the future.

Purpose of the contest
The two main goals of the contest are talent development and the stimulation of innovation and entrepreneurship. Interaction between students and the business community plays an important role in achieving these goals. During the contest, students will work closely with coaches from private, public, social and academic sectors to develop their ideas into realistic and well-founded concepts. The TU/e Contest lets students think about their interests and passions even more and during the process they will be linked to companies and organisations that operate in this field of interest.

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Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman
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