BioTrip. A brand-new incubator developing biotech startups.

BioTrip. A brand-new incubator developing biotech startups.

25 Jul 2022

BioTrip. A brand-new incubator developing biotech startups.

What is missing in Brainport, a region that is well known for high-tech? A company boosting BIO-tech. This is exactly the mission of BioTrip, an incubator engaged in bringing together pioneering clinical scientists of the Radboud University Medical Center and entrepreneurial engineers of TU/e to develop next-generation immuno-pharmaceutical solutions.

Through its expertise in intellectual property, financing, and drug development, BioTrip will be creating biotech start-ups aimed at reaching the clinical trial phase and, ultimately the market.

“We own an extensive portfolio of innovative delivery and platform technology that will serve as the foundation of a minimum of two startups, which we will establish in the near future” says Professor Willem Mulder, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of BioTrip.

While finalizing multiple agreements with national and international investors, BioTrip has now opened a new office at the Alpha building, where the company has initiated its business operations hiring resources working full time for the incubator. BioTrip has now officially started growing startups in the Brainport region! For more information:

If, like Biotrip, you are interested in an inspiring workplace in Alpha, take a look at the Twice website: or contact Jesper Beerens of Twice:, 06-15 28 41 34.

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Karla Wester

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Karla Wester
Source: Website Biotrip
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