Bistroo (hub Beta) - competitor of Thuisbezorgd - raises 8 million euros!

Bistroo (hub Beta) - competitor of Thuisbezorgd - raises 8 million euros!

19 May 2021

Investors see a lot of success in Bistroo (hub Beta on the HTCE), the new platform for restaurant meal delivery. The 8 million will be used to grow the 20,000 users, further product development and keep the commission for restaurants at 5%. With these figures, Bistroo thinks it is a serious competitor for other delivery services, such as

The rapid growth in users and the size of the investment is confirmation for CEO Bas Roos that Bistroo's formula works. Roos: "We saw that restaurants are in a tight grip with delivery platforms, they often have to pay 30% commission. That is impossible for many entrepreneurs. Thanks to our community and self-service platform, we can help restaurants for a fraction of the price. "

The secret ingredient: community token BIST
The investors see salvation in the new Bistroo coin, the BIST token. This rewards users for contributing to the growth of the platform by, for example, leaving reviews, suggesting new restaurants and sharing their data. Roos: "We see that there is a real need for a new, fair and community-driven delivery app. The pre-sale of BIST tokens sold out 4 weeks before the deadline! "

Read more about the possibilities of Bistroo via the website:

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
Source: Horecamagazine
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