helps horeca entrepreneurs during corona measures helps horeca entrepreneurs during corona measures

24 Nov 2020

In order to be able to generate income, many restaurants and cafés switch to picking up or delivering meals. However, many food and beverage companies do not have the digital infrastructure for this. On the platform, restaurants and producers of special products can go online within 24 hours and provide their customers with delicious meals and tasty drinks. Team Bistroo, based in the Beta hub, was in the news this week with their innovative platform. Read it here.

For the restaurateurs
The new Bistroo online platform comes from Dutch soil and offers a distinctive alternative to the established online ordering modules such as Thuisbezorgd, UberEats and Deliveroo. Bistroo has been developed especially for restaurants, where the owners keep control as much as possible. Adjusting the menu, prices or promotions; entrepreneurs take care of it all themselves. The customer and the hospitality company do business directly with each other via the platform, according to the hospitality entrepreneur's own terms and conditions. That is the unique aspect of this new platform and a counterbalance to large established platforms, where restaurants pay high commissions per order and have little control themselves.

Opposition for the big boys
Bistroo was founded by young entrepreneurs Bas Roos and Bob Dohmen, from the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. "We really developed Bistroo with the hospitality entrepreneur in mind. We wanted to offer a platform with more freedom to do business, so that owners could bring their specific restaurant experience to people's homes," says Bas Roos. "We provide the infrastructure and handy tools, the catering entrepreneur does the rest". Customers order directly from the restaurant via a unique webpage. Payment is then transferred via directly to the entrepreneur, which is nice in the current circumstances. "Because we only facilitate, we can also offer hospitality entrepreneurs a much lower commission than established platforms.

Going online with Bistroo is very simple and can be arranged in just one day. Not unimportant in a time when fast switching is crucial. Koninklijke Horeca Nederland can also see that Bistroo offers a total solution to save time and money, which is why it officially entered into a partnership earlier this year. During the corona crisis, various hotel and catering entrepreneurs already started working with Bistroo, as did the team from Lunch & More in Eersel: "We started ordering online via Bistroo during the crisis. We have joined forces and this brings a lot of peace and quiet. Because of Bistroo, we have fewer orders by phone and more speed at the checkout. So we will definitely continue with this.

Temporarily no commission
In order to give the catering industry a helping hand during this second closure period, Bistroo is offering a commission-free period. This will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to use the platform at least until mid-December free of charge and to meet their customers with an easy way of ordering. The platform can be used on any device, so no additional investment is required. On request, a receipt printer for the kitchen can be delivered to complete the online ordering system.


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