Glow 'Connecting the dots' - Twice hubs HTCE in the spotlight!

Glow 'Connecting the dots' - Twice hubs HTCE in the spotlight!

12 Nov 2020

This year the Eindhoven light festival GLOW does not have different light artworks and large groups of people through the streets, but a unique moment that everyone will talk about for a long time! By and for the city. Because GLOW is the common denominator that can connect residents, regions, partners and stakeholders today.

Although GLOW can't take place like in other years, GLOW will definitely show itself in November! As a message of thanks for 15 editions, as an ode to the region. Light is life. And Eindhoven provides hope and connection with the largest light artwork ever. How cool that Twice can be part of the stage, and the HTCE and Twice are part of this amazing light artwork! 

"Connecting The Dots" starts on Thursday, November 12th at 5 pm, and encompasses the entire city as a work of art: more than 80 km2 with more than 1,500 LED lamps, 1,000 red light points and more than 20,000 red works of art in front of the windows. A great large artificial light work by two artists: Ivo Schoofs and Kari Kola. It will be visible from a great distance; buildings, people and vehicles will be enveloped in a warm blue light. In this background, red lit dots will dance in the wind. Eindhoven will be enclosed as a whole on 12, 13 and 14 November with a soothing mantle of light and connecting red dots.

On those days, the HTCE campus will be open longer, so that people can drive around the campus in cars and view the light works. In addition to our hubs Bèta and Mu, the entire strip will be illuminated and it is expected that building 1, Shimano and Brunel will also be visible from the motorway.

Next Gen
A special accent in this work is provided by light artist Hugo Vrijdag. With the Ontdekfabriek and Cultuurstation 20,000 personal Dots have been made by primary school pupils of Eindhoven. Primary school pupils are invited to make their own dot and stick it on the window at home at the start of GLOW. Residents from Eindhoven and the surrounding area are also invited to make their own light project and hang it in front of the window during these GLOW 2020 days. These personal works of art contribute to Connecting the Dots.

From Eindhoven to the world
Every year in November more than 750,000 people go to Eindhoven for this international
renowned GLOW light festival. A walking route through the city takes visitors past spectacular,
innovative light installations. Early this year, Covid-19 made it clear that the 15th edition could not be celebrated in that way. GLOW and the municipality of Eindhoven (which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year celebrates), joined forces. “Because especially in these times when we cannot visit each other, not being able to work, play sports or go out together in the office is more important than ever for us feel connected to each other ”, says John Jorritsma, mayor of Eindhoven.
The result is an immense light artwork that is active for a certain time and where everyone
can enjoy at home. From the balcony, in the garden or through the window as a resident of the region. And via a short live stream on computer, tablet or mobile anywhere in the world. This year GLOW is on the rise visit and everyone stays at home.

The livestream can be viewed from November 12 on

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot

Connecting the Dots 

An ode to the city
1 blue sky
1,000 red balloons
20,000 schoolchildren
125,000 households

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