ConoScenza (Beta hub) part of NEXXT

ConoScenza (Beta hub) part of NEXXT

29 Apr 2021

On the website of NEXXT and LinkedIn of ConoScenza we read the message that IT service providers NEXXT and ConoScenza (also established in hub Beta on the High Tech Campus) have joined forces. Thanks to this expansion, NEXXT can build on the knowledge and experience of more than 200 IT professionals spread over locations throughout the Netherlands.

Congratulations NEXXT and ConoScenza with this great collaboration!


Kees Koomen, director of NEXXT, sees the involvement of ConoScenza as a logical step towards the future: “We have a clear ambition with NEXXT: to ensure that organizations in the Netherlands no longer have to choose between a large IT party with a lot of expertise or a regional, personal organization that speaks the same language. We are passionate about giving our customers the best of both worlds. To achieve this, it is important that we create even more national coverage, so that we remain close to our relations, both literally and figuratively. In addition, it is crucial - especially in our market - to work with the best IT professionals. We are taking an important step in this with the addition of the locations in Amersfoort and Eindhoven and the team of professionals. ”

Shared DNA

Co-director Ruud Hofland adds: “We also find it important that people feel good and enjoy their work. Personal growth, attention and challenge play an important role in this. It is nice to see that ConoScenza shares this vision with us and that our cultures therefore merge effortlessly. We offer colleagues additional opportunities to develop further and we are extremely proud of that. ”


Niels van Dijk and Marcel Funke, management of ConoScenza: “In view of the many movements in the IT market, we have opted to seek out a partner with whom we create sufficient volume and strength to continue to support our customers as well as possible the field of IT. We are proud to be part of NEXXT from now on. ”


The NEXXT team now consists of more than 200 IT professionals who work throughout the Netherlands from offices in Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, Groningen, Hoofddorp and Wognum. NEXXT collaboration partners include Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Commvault and Nutanix.
In addition to NEXXT Adaptive Architecture, NEXXT Modern Workplace, NEXXT Modern EUC, NEXXT Datacenter, NEXXT also offers Security and NEXXT Managed Services solutions and is the number one implementation partner of Microsoft 365.

About ConoScenza (located in hub Beta on the High tech Campus)

The digital evolution is fast. Much faster than the speed at which organizations are transforming. Employees must always and everywhere have access to the correct data and be able to exchange data faster and more securely. To provide customers with the best possible service. To create new opportunities. To stay ahead of the competition. ConoScenza understands that this digital transition is a major challenge for organizations. With the right vision, focus and knowledge, they take the initiative and never let go. From strategy to implementation. From complete ICT management to secondment, they have it under control. As one team they aim for results. With heroes who rise above themselves and overcome challenges. Heroes who achieve success and celebrate triumphs. The digital evolution is faster than ever.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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