Coronaproof working in our offices and labs

Coronaproof working in our offices and labs

20 Aug 2020

Last week, during the press conference, the Dutch government advised to work from home as much as possible after September as well. Understandable, given the figures. 
Nevertheless, we are seeing an increase in activity in our hubs; slowly life is returning to the labs and offices. And that's safe, thanks to the agreements we've made with each other. 

At Twice, we have adapted our βèta, Mμ, Twinning and Catalyst hubs to the new situation from the very beginning. All the precautions in the hubs are listed in the Corona behavioural protocol. That's how we have agreements about:

  • Traffic in communal areas, such as elevators, stairs, corridors and toilets
  • Use of chairs and tables in meeting and reception rooms
  • How Twice maintains the hygiene of facilities and services (e.g. coffee machines, access screens, door handles) 
  • Tips for using the offices and labs of the Twice-based companies.

The practice?

If you are in our hubs, you will be alerted to appointments in many places: in the hall, elevator, toilet, kitchen, stairwell. Through special posters we ask you to take the situation into account. And so far this has worked to the wishes of all 'residents', employees and visitors.

Are you a startup or scale-up and would you like to grow into a Coronaproof office space, lab space or your own permanent workplace? Take a look at the extensive offer, or contact Saskia or Emiel.They will be happy to tell you about all the possibilities!

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman
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