Cubics acquires Javelin ICT

Cubics acquires Javelin ICT

16 Apr 2021

As of April 8th, Javelin ICT from Eindhoven, located in hub Twinning, has been taken over by Cubics. This is the first step in Cubics' growth strategy in the region.

Both Cubics and Javelin ICT are active in the field of IT services. Cubics is in the middle of a growth phase and they still have strong growth ambitions for the future. This includes acquisitions to create an increase in scale and, in this way, to achieve maximum impact together with other IT parties. The acquisition of Javelin ICT fits perfectly within the course that Cubics is currently steering.

Alex Otten (Director Cubics) "With Javelin ICT we have a very good party at our side. We expect to optimise our services even further with this acquisition. In terms of services, corporate culture and the type of relationships we have, we are a perfect match. I am very much looking forward to combining our knowledge and realizing great things together."

The acquisition also comes at exactly the right time for the phase in which Javelin ICT finds itself.

Jasper van Minos (Director of Javelin ICT): "The acquisition is a logical step for Javelin ICT. Our organization needed to expand its knowledge and extend various business processes. It was time for a new development and Cubics fits in seamlessly with what our organisation has in mind."

In time, the name Javelin ICT will disappear and both companies will continue under the name Cubics. Cubics will continue to be based at two locations, namely in Tilburg and Eindhoven.

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