Edition NL with Sparckel - Be aware of light homeworkers

Edition NL with Sparckel - Be aware of light homeworkers

11 Sep 2020


Last weekend, on 5 September, Maarten Voorhuis was on television at RTL Editie NL, with a special edition about the importance of light.

Especially now that so many people work at home, it is good to realize the impact of light on your daily energy. It is getting dark earlier again and that is especially noticeable because we are now working at home more often. Where you normally spend all day in the fluorescent lighting in the office, you now probably have to make do with a desk lamp and that one lamp on the ceiling. And that can result in a considerable shortage of light with all its consequences.

With the LUX Light Meter app you can measure the amount of light at home or at the office. To work healthy (at home) you need at least 500 LUX. Based on our own measurement, you cannot easily achieve this with an ordinary lamp. Sparckel has developed a special desk lamp that simulates the biorhythm from sunrise to sunset. Too little light and variety is unhealthy and can lead to, among other things, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is wise for employers to consider special light for home workers (or of course in the office). You can now also lease a "Sparckel" lamp for € 40 per month.


Sparckel nieuwsitem 05-09-2020

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
Source: www.sparckel.nl
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