Hable's Eindhoven remote control for the blind has to go to America

Hable's Eindhoven remote control for the blind has to go to America

5 Jan 2021

Tuesday January 5th in the ED newspaper news about Hable, one of the startups that will start in the Alpha hub. Normally, innovative Eindhoven is getting ready these days for a trip to Las Vegas, where in normal times the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place, the world's largest technology fair. This year the fair is online. Participants from this region present themselves. Today part 4 with Hable, about relief for the blind and cuddling from a distance.


A blind person needs a little relief to understand the world around him. It is therefore impossible to read anything from the smooth screen of a smartphone. Hable from Eindhoven came up with a service to solve that problem.

“We made a small controller”, says co-founder Freek van Welsenis (23). “With eight buttons, a blind person can control his entire phone using Braille. You can not only type, but also navigate between different apps. ”

The controller of Hable One is already for sale and those sales are going well, according to Van Welsenis. “But the Dutch market is small. We hope to sell in America soon ”. That is also a goal of Hable during the CES: to find a retailer who will sell Hable's controller. “And we are still looking for investors. We have already collected two hundred thousand euros, but we still need two more, ”says Van Welsenis. “We need that to pay for marketing and sales. We want to put ourselves firmly in the market. That costs a lot of money. ”

On ED.nl you can read many more great stories from innovative companies from this region, such as Incooling, Alphabeats, Mantispectra, Carbyon.

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