Extra funding from the cabinet for startups TU/e

Extra funding from the cabinet for startups TU/e

25 Mar 2021

In the newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad this week, we read that the cabinet is allocating a total of 24 million euros this year to accelerate and better market startups. The TU/e in Eindhoven is allocated a large part of this in funds for start-ups in artificial intelligence and medical technology.

It concerns three collaborations between innovative companies, universities, other knowledge institutions and (daring) investors in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), medical and water technology. Each consortium will be allocated 8 million euros.

TU / e, together with the three Dutch universities of technology and three partner hospitals - UMC, Erasmus and Radboud, wants to accelerate and better develop medical innovations so that they can be applied in hospitals. In the field of AI, it works together with the University of Amsterdam. Nijmegen and Utrecht. Lumolabs from Eindhoven is investing.

In 2019, the government also released 24 million for startups in the so-called Thematic Technology Transfer scheme (TTT). This was invested in, among other things, a company that makes biological medicines against thrombosis.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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