EZ Factory in Eindhoven wants to become the standard for factory work

EZ Factory in Eindhoven wants to become the standard for factory work

25 Sep 2020

Nice article on Eindhovens Dagblad this week, about the ambition of EZ Factory located in the Beta hub on the High Tech Campus: to become the standard for factory work.

Robert and Randy want to make the work of people in the workplace easier with the EZ-GO app. Operators often have hundreds of different tasks to perform to keep the machines running. And that can be organized much easier and with more fun with the developed app!

In the article we read what the app can mean for organisations. "Operators, for example, have to start up the line, which is done step by step so that no disruptions occur", says Randy Appiah, founder of the Eindhoven technology company EZ Factory. “They also have to make an inspection round to see if the floor is clean, check whether things are in the right place, the safety precautions have been observed and whether the conveyor belt is not damaged. Some tasks have to be performed a few times a day, others once every few weeks. " What they have to do is in their head, is on whiteboards, is in binders or on an A4 sheet. In case of problems, the correct papers must be sought to resolve them.

Appiah and Robert Bouwman thought things could be done differently and wanted to make the work easier for the operators. That is why they started EZ Factory in 2017 and developed the EZ-GO app that operators can use in the workplace. "We want to help the people in the factory to make their work easier, more fun and more efficient," explains Bouwman. "We work a lot with paper, but that can be done differently," adds Appiah. “That's why we started talking to operators about what the app should look like. Now they have everything together. They see on the app: what they have to do on that day, how they should do it and when they should do it. "

Photos and videos

When operators enter the factory, they can indicate on their tablet which line they are on. "Then they get to see what to do that day", says Bouwman. The app works with a lot of photos and videos. "There is little text," says Appiah. “Employees are not going to read three pages, but they will watch a photo or a 20-second video showing how to close the air tap. The app is designed in such a way that with its help anyone can perform the work. We provide the structure and the people on the work floor fill it in. They can add photos and explain the work step by step. They know best how to get the job done. "

Why is the app needed?

"Productivity increases, because employees don't waste time looking for forms and there are fewer disruptions," Appiah replies. Even if you are on a different line, you know what to do. " EZ Factory focuses on production companies in the Netherlands and Belgium with branches abroad. Their app is used by various parties in the food industry, such as FrieslandCampina, Douwe Egberts and Heineken. "But we are also in other sectors", Bouwman says.

The start-up already won a Gerard and Anton Award in mid-2020, a prize for promising start-ups in the Brainport region, and in May they raised more than 700,000 on investments. The Eindhoven company, which employs nine people, wants to use that money to further develop the app. “Ultimately we have to become the standard for everyone who works in a factory,” Appiah is ambitious.


Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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