EZ Factory wins a Gerard & Anton award!

EZ Factory wins a Gerard & Anton award!

9 Jul 2020

Early July, the Gerard & Anton awards were again presented to the most promising start-ups from the Brainport region. Great companies that received the prize this year! Among the prize winners also EZ Factory, located in the Twice hub Beta on the High tech Campus.

Based in hub Beta since 2019, EZ Factory is working on an intuitive easy-to-use app to solve common factory challenges. With the EZ-GO app, a mobile solution has been developed aimed at continuous improvement in production environments. This digitizes checklists, first-line maintenance tasks and audits. In addition, the application offers the possibility to set up work instructions and to propose improvements to the standard. Winning this award is a great recognition!

On the Innovation Origins site you can read an overview of all other winners of this edition in 2020, as well as great innovations:


It's the sustainable dream, and Carbyon is working on that. Remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere and reprocess it into fuel. By using CO2 and green energy as a basis for synthetic fuels, we can close the CO2 cycle, have clean energy without endangering food production or nature.


Roosh mediates in airport parking. This has not been a thriving business in recent months. What then? Roosh has used her knowledge to develop a platform and to roll it out internationally. From parking platform to online marketing agency. After all, doing business is doing business.


Offshore windmills are an important part of the energy transition. But also expensive and complex. Huge towers are built standing on the sea bed. Can't we float the mills? No, then they would blow over ... or? The entrepreneurs behind TouchWind worked for twenty years on a technology that makes this way of generating wind energy at sea possible. The entrepreneurs hope to present their prototype next year.

XYZ Dynamics

The transition to electric transport creates tension. The silence and clean air of the past period has made us aware again of how polluted our cities really are. But replacing tens of thousands of vans needed for construction, transportation and services at once is impossible. XYZ Dynamics comes with an upgrade. After winning a European Start-up of the year award at our event last week, the start-up of the Automotive Campus Helmond is now again in the awards.

Bright Photonics

Photonics is the solution and let Eindhoven be very good at it. The jury assumes - with many in the region - that photonics will trigger the same economic revolution as electronics 50 years ago. Bright Photonics is a high-tech company for developing and designing integrated circuits based on light: Photonic Integrated Circuits or PICs. In addition to previous winners Effect Photonics & Smart Photonics, the company has thus become an indispensable link in the value chain of inventing, designing, making and cracking. The CEO once said in an interview, "If there is an opportunity, take advantage of it and don't waste time focusing too much on the risk." That turned out well for Ronald Broeke and his team tonight with the Gerard and Anton Award.

Choice for Women

A contraceptive that only needs to be inserted once. It has no hormonal side effects and you can turn it on and off from a distance. It almost sounds too good to be true. In our developed world, 1 in 5 children are still born unwanted, with consequences for the child, mother and society. This is a thing of the past with Choice for Women implants. With the Gerard and Anton Award, the jury wants to give a stage to this invention and this company, so that you also face the next part of this adventure full of energy and enthusiasm.

Orange NXT

From meal delivery, management of scales to detection of asphalt damage. Everything goes digital and is connected via the internet. And companies have to come along. It is what customers expect from them and what requires an efficient operation from them. And that digital transformation of companies is the field of Orange NXT. They develop the office of the future in your pocket. The jury is convinced that smart connections between people, devices and data are an unstoppable trend. But there is no one size fits all, and Orange NXT distinguishes itself from the market with its customer-oriented approach. You can see that in the growth that doubled every year. Or in the words of the Barbapapa & managing director, Huub van der linden, "We are an ICT company, but different."

Tech 2B

257 companies and 534 active users are already finding their way to this platform for the manufacturing industry. Finding your way to the right professionals and companies faster, better and cheaper, who can help you further. An important advantage in today's economy. It's no longer about who is the cheapest, it's about who is the smartest. And smart you are together! The success of Brainport Eindhoven is the success that is created by creating partnerships. Initiatives that contribute to this can therefore count on the support of the jury.

True Sim

It has been shown that 80% of unnecessary deaths are related to a lack of competences of medical personnel. This can easily be prevented by training more frequently and better. But how? With TrueSim, medical personnel have the feeling that they are a real patient. It is virtual, but lifelike. Acute symptoms can be recognized and threats are as they present in reality. According to the jury, successful innovations meet the paradox of doing more with less. In the case of True Sim that is completely true. Higher learning efficiency and quality at a lower cost. And also better in line with the professional practice in which trainees can train independently, location-independent more often, more flexible and for shorter moments, instead of being absent for a day or part of a day.

The event was made possible by High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Brainport Development, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, Kadans Science Partner, EY, Philips Netherlands and the Municipality of Eindhoven.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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