FD gazelle nomination for Zens (based in hub Mu)

FD gazelle nomination for Zens (based in hub Mu)

28 Oct 2020

Zens Wireless Charging is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands! Nominated for the FD Gazellen Awards of 2020. Het Financieel Dagblad (part of FD Mediagroep) hands out the award every year for the fastest growing companies. Zens is one of the 772 fast-growing companies in the Netherlands.​

To be eligible for the FD Gazellen Award, there must be a minimum revenue growth of 20% over a period of three years (2017 to 2020). The companies are divided into twelve categories and three extra prizes (the bronze, silver and gold FD Gazellen Award) are awarded per category to the three top companies. The categories consist of 4 regions combined with 3 revenue classes.

It will remain exciting for a few more weeks, the award ceremony will take place digitally on November 19, 2020.





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