Flexible growth? Options online visible!

Flexible growth? Options online visible!

6 May 2021

Eindhoven is the cradle of all kinds of technological developments. Since January last, Twice has five hubs in Eindhoven, within which flexible office and / or lab space is available: βèta and Mµ on the High Tech Campus or Twinning, Catalyst and Alpha on the TU / e Campus.

We offer startups, scaleups and international branches a growth model: all rental options are scalable. That gives you the freedom to adapt the space to your needs. In addition to a dedicated desk, office for a day, your own office or lab, you will benefit from the (high-quality) facilities at two innovative technological campuses.

As of this week, you can immediately see online from almost all locations whether offices or labs are available or will be available soon.

Do you want high-quality office space or lab space at one of the two technological hotspots in Eindhoven?

From these four hubs you can immediately see which office space or lab space is available via the buttons on the website.

βèta on the High Tech Campus: High Tech Campus 9. Theme R&D high tech.

Mµ on the High Tech Campus: High Tech Campus 10. Theme Lifetech en New Energy.

Twinning on the TU/e Campus. De Zaale 11. Theme Software, ICT, AI, IoT, Blochchain.

Catalyst on the TU/e Campus. De Lismortel 31. Theme Product development.

Growth model

Have you just started? Or do you grow out of your existing space? You can start small or hybrid with a dedicated desk, in an office for a fixed day per week, or one of the smallest offices. Our (scalable) offices can be rented from 23 m², and scalable up to 500 m². Expanding or shrinking is therefore no problem. In this way we offer maximum flexibility. With a continuous notice period of 4 months, you have a lot of room to do what is necessary for the development of your company.

Are you looking for a new or extra cool workplace? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to show you all the options!

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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