Grand final TU/e contest 2020

Grand final TU/e contest 2020

16 Jun 2020

Last week the grand finale of the TU / e contest 2020 took place, an initiative of TU/e innovation Space. The TU/e contest is an innovation contest for enterprising engineers with international ambitions! The teams are introduced to successful entrepreneurs and leading international companies who guide them on their way from dream to demo to world market.

The TU / e contest 2020 competition has several categories:

In the Ideation category, team Electude won. Refreshing ideas this team has about the new learning! They strive for a world where students can learn by experimenting and simulating the subjects (eLECTURE).

In the Prototyping category, team Goal3 wins! This team is working to develop a high-quality patient monitoring system that will allow clinicians to receive early diagnosis for acute illnesses. Through a combination of durable and user-friendly hardware, supporting software and smart algorithms, they create a system that automatically detects diseases that are currently not detected.

Fruitpunch AI went home with the student teams category. They envision a global community of AI engineers applying AI for Good: educating the new generation while solving sustainable development goals, great ambition too!

The 4 partners awards have been won by:

KEBL wins the ASML makers award! She developed a bicycle lighting solution that specifically tries to encourage people to use bicycle lighting by offering a user-friendly product. KEBL lamps can be charged in their own case at the same time so that the batteries do not run out. Very innovative!

Climars hero wins the sustainability fund award. They encourage sustainable habits! The Climars app is your guide and buddy towards a sustainable lifestyle. The app allows you to participate in a 21-day challenge on a specific topic. On to a better climate together! 

Goal3 also wins with the Wildcard 4TU Impact Challenge.

The audience award went to A Place for now! They have the ambition to solve the problem of housing crisis for new students. They create an innovative connecting platform to connect residents in university cities with seeking students.

Good luck to everyone on behalf of Twice!

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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