Hezelburcht: Grant for R&D collaboration projects

Hezelburcht: Grant for R&D collaboration projects

15 May 2023

Grant for R&D collaboration projects

The MIT grant for R&D collaboration projects will open next month.

What is the grant for?

The grant is for collaboration projects aimed at conducting industrial or experimental research. The project must contribute to:

  • The innovation of products, processes or services, or;
  • The substantially new application of existing products, processes or services.

Who is eligible for the grant?

The grant can be applied for by a collaboration consisting of at least two SMEs. Non-SMEs may also participate in the collaboration, but will not receive funding.

How much is the grant?

The grant amounts to a maximum of 35% of the project budget, up to a maximum of € 350,000 per project.

If the grant is no more than € 200,000, each participant can receive a maximum of € 100,000. For projects receiving between € 200,000 and € 350,000, each participant can receive a maximum of € 175,000.

None of the collaboration partners may incur more than 70% of the eligible costs.

When should an application be submitted?

Applications can be submitted from June 6 2023 to September 12 2023 at 5:00 PM.


The maximum duration of a project is 24 months.

The project must fit within the themes of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA):

  • Energy transition and sustainability
  • Agriculture, water, and food
  • Health and care
  • Safety
  • Key technologies
  • Societal earning power

Applications will be evaluated based on the tender principle: only the best applications will be awarded.

Do you have any questions about the MIT grant for R&D collaboration projects? Please contact Sven Rouschop, grant specialist at Hezelburcht: s.rouschop@hezelburcht.com or 06 25 04 02 68.

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