High Tech Campus attracts 40 new tech companies in the corona crisis

High Tech Campus attracts 40 new tech companies in the corona crisis

28 Jul 2021

Yesterday we read the article from the High Tech Campus, which shows that more than forty new tech companies have started on the beautiful High Tech Campus in the past corona year. Some names are Keyence, Perpetum, Etteplan, CGI, PhotonFirst and Fontys Hogescholen. Within Twice hubs Beta and Mu on the High tech Campus, among these 40 newcomers last year are located: PayAccept, Synergy Solutions, Compen Embedded Software, Conoscenza, Ghysels, ProContext, Lake3D, Master Next Talent and ZCAN Micro electronics Technology Europe.

Recent trend reports show that many companies are rethinking their workplace. Due to corona, working from home has often been given a permanent role and the office is increasingly becoming a flexible meeting place. While many regular business parks had to deal with cancellations in the past year, the High Tech Campus is as popular as ever. “The workplace has to be better than at home. Employees no longer want to go to a boring business park, but to a Campus with lots of greenery, facilities and vibrant events," says Hilde de Vocht, director of communication and marketing at the High Tech Campus.

Inspiring surroundings

According to De Vocht, the Campus is attractive for companies because of the complete picture that the location offers. “Employees can develop their innovations in an inspiring environment with lots of nature, where you can network and relax. Think of the many restaurants and our Conference Center. In addition, there is the possibility to use technical facilities such as cleanrooms and laboratories, something that you cannot achieve at home.” Finally, the Campus also stands out because of its many innovative hubs and initiatives. “Such as the Workplace Vitality Hub, where research is conducted into the future of healthy working. Another good example is HighTechXL, where the new successor to ASML is being built.”

Certain vibe

“The High Tech Campus has a certain vibe,” says Bram Berden, regional manager of the Finnish company Etteplan, which recently moved into a new sustainable office on the Campus. “We are in a brand new environment here, which is pleasant for both our customers and our employees. When I look out the window in my office, I get a holiday feeling from all that greenery.”


The company Perpetum from Belgium has also recently moved to the Campus. Vahid Kharidar, general manager in the Netherlands, certainly sees the added value of the Campus: “The High Tech Campus is a perfect location for an innovative high tech company. There are so many companies here with interesting technologies. This creates a very productive energy and atmosphere. I see a lot of potential for our company, also to join forces with other Campus companies.”

Corona time on the Campus

In times of corona, the Campus has not been sitting still. In April, the Campus was still the main stage for King's Day, where the royal family could get to know Eindhoven. Several tech conferences, a triathlon, the World Drafts Championships and the cultural GLOW Festival are scheduled for later this year.

The AI ​​Innovation Center was also opened this year, where major tech companies and startups share knowledge about artificial intelligence and where the Campus plays a supporting role to stimulate and accelerate the adoption of AI. “The Campus is so much more than a lessor of square meters,” says Hilde de Vocht. “As a partner, we play a role in important innovation projects.”

Sustainability strategy

Finally, de Vocht also mentions the Campus' sustainability strategy as a pillar of success. The High Tech Campus aims to be the most sustainable Campus in Europe by 2025, and this is also reflected in the site. Grazing sheep mow the grass, there are thousands of solar panels on the roofs, employees receive Campus compost made from coffee grounds to take home, and a 'Discovery Forest' has been built near the nursery, where children can also learn more about sustainability.

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