IOT, blockchain and AI come together in Twinning!

IOT, blockchain and AI come together in Twinning!

22 Mar 2023

Article in MT/Sprout: IOT, blockchain and AI come together in Twinning. 

"In partnership with Twice Eindhoven - Eindhoven incubator Twice wants startups and scale-ups in IOT, blockchain and AI to build an ecosystem in its hub Twinning. There is still room for companies to join. "Linking these three technologies creates a good digital assembly line for administrative processes.

Twice houses young companies and offers an inspiring environment at the Eindhoven University of Technology Campus and the High Tech Campus for startups and scale-ups in innovation in areas such as research & development, product development, lifetech, new energy, (bio)chemistry or in the medical field. Divided over six locations and with the aim of building a network in the Eindhoven region and growing faster together. Twice's shareholders are TU Eindhoven, Eindhoven City Council, Brainport Development, BOM and Rabobank.

In 2021, Twice started the 'BrainBloC' lab within the Twinning building, housing startups in IOT, blockchain and AI to build an ecosystem. "We saw the trend of startups operating in blockchain leaving the region for the suburbs. We thought that was a shame," says Jesper Beerens (23), account manager for new business at Twice. He is responsible for attracting and getting new companies started."

Read the whole article (in Dutch only): “IOT, blockchain en AI komen in Twinning samen” | MT/Sprout (

Jesper Beerens (TWICE)

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Karla Wester

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Karla Wester
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