Kickoff of our BrainBloc initiative on 08-27

Kickoff of our BrainBloc initiative on 08-27

31 Aug 2020


Last Thursday, August 27th, the day was finally there: the kickoff of our BrainBloc initiative! A select group gathered at a beautiful location on the TU / e campus to give BrainBloC a good start. Together with the EcoSystem Thinking Institute, Twice is working on creating a new ecosystem around this theme.

We look back on a great and successful day! Thanks to all participants Design Academy, TU / e, Fontys, Municipality of Eindhoven, Brainport Development, Gimix, 2bSmart, Weconomics Foundation, LCB, Duthler Associates, Bistroo, Unlocqed, Smart Music, 3Masters, Vaulut, Chaintip, WolfpackIt, Municipality of Helmond and of course ESTI for your presence, openness and willingness to work together on this initiative!

At the beginning of this year, TWICE started a new initiative on the TU / e Campus: BrainBloC.

We focus on the trinity of IOT, Blockchain and AI (collectively the "digital assembly line"). We want to work in a consortium on the broad adoption of these disruptive technologies, where we focus on “thinking and acting differently”, and where data (technology) forms the starting point for new business processes and organizational models. Where other initiatives are often aimed at development (high costs and a high failure factor), we want to create a low-threshold environment to get to know new (general-purpose) data technologies (sensoring, blockchain, AI) and to discover how and with what you would like to continue. Basically a kind of data intake within this region. So first think about a good foundation, "data organizing" and what "rich data" is and means, and then work towards a correct implementation. Data technologies are interesting for everyone and everyone can get started with them!

With BrainBloC we want to create an ecosystem, where we focus on:

  • Educating a new generation of digital leaders (through an apprenticeship program for both students and employees);
  • An external (SME) innovation department, where digitization issues can be worked out with a very low-threshold approach;
  • A home base for various companies / projects, for which one entire floor in Twinning on the TU / e Campus has been made available under very favorable conditions;
  • A data simulation lab, because data is an "abstract" concept and we want to introduce students / employees to what data technology is and how you can use it in practice;
  • And, we would like to become a formal Dutch Blockchain Coalition hub, because with this we involve a broad network for innovative tasks.


Are you interested in contributing to this initiative, or settling here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!

You can see the aftermovie of the successful kickoff on our social pages.



Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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