Looking for technical staff? EuFlex!

Looking for technical staff? EuFlex!

20 Jul 2022

Are you also looking for (technical) staff? Maybe EuFlex can do something for you!

Bringing in new top talent for your organization? EuFlex Technificent helps to bridge the gap between top technical talents of the TU/e and the business world in three ways.

Student Jobs
The shortage in the labor market continues to grow and it seems that it will only become more difficult to recruit highly educated technicians. By offering smart students a part-time job, you can already introduce them to your organization. Reduce the workload among permanent staff now and immediately increase visibility among students.

Reverse Matching
Get in touch with recently graduated TU/e alumni. We create the perfect match for all your starter positions or traineeships. Our recruitment process is not based on standard job profiles but takes the profile of the alumni as a starting point. We work on a no cure, no pay basis.

Employer Branding
Increase your visibility among TU/e students and alumni. With our unique partnerships, we help companies reach potential employees. EuFlex Technificent offers two types of partnerships, Premium and Exclusive partnerships.

For more information, watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrpimBqr34E&ab_channel=EuFlexTechnificent

For more information about EuFlex: https://www.EuFlex.nl/bedrijf

Written by
Karla Wester

marketing, communications & events

Karla Wester
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