Lusoco receives funding from the Rabobank Innovation Fund

Lusoco receives funding from the Rabobank Innovation Fund

26 Aug 2020

Lusoco receives an investment from the Rabobank Innovation Fund. This will enable it to accelerate the development of energy-generating glass. The investment will be used to make the product market ready. 

When you walk in the street at night, it can't escape you: illuminated billboards or illuminated facades are part of the streetscape. Did you know that these billboards and facades are largely illuminated with LED lighting, and even with energy-consuming lighting? With an estimate of 173,000 advertisements in the Netherlands alone, this application consumes as much energy as all inhabitants of the city of Lelystad. And this does not even include the digital billboards. 

Climate neutral

Lusoco offers an alternative, in which the image itself provides the energy generation by using the generated energy of the previous day. As soon as it gets dark, the image radiates light and remains visible. With this Lusoco solution the - normally energy consuming - illuminated billboard becomes climate neutral. 

About Lusoco

Lusoco is a tech startup housed in Twice's hub Catalyst on the TU/e Campus. Lusoco develops inks, solar cells and electronics for a new generation of illuminated billboards, information boards and glass facades. These glass panels make use of the luminescent solar concentrator properties, generating the energy needed for night-time lighting with the light of the previous day. This eliminates the need to connect advertising and information boards to the electricity grid and makes installing these boards easier and cheaper. This makes the illuminated billboard energy-neutral or even energy-positive.

More information?

Please contact Hans Sabel, via 06 - 427 226 07 or mail to

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman
Source: Hans Sabel
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