Luxury desk from KATO for rent per month for EUR 21.95

Luxury desk from KATO for rent per month for EUR 21.95

12 Jul 2022

Recently, Twice also started offering office furniture through Kato. This luxury desk can be rented from EUR 21.95 (ex VAT) per month, but the range is of course much wider than that! Look for the current offer on the website:

Want to know if this option is also something for you? Reasons for choosing Kato furniture:

* Unity in your spaces/offices by using the same style;
* Rather a monthly fixed expense than a large investment all at once;
* You can easily change the style of your office, this is so quickly the case when you have bought your furniture;
* You are more flexible; you can easily and quickly scale up or down your workstations, we are happy to help you!

Have a quick look at the website and request a quote without any obligation!



Written by
Karla Wester

marketing, communications & events

Karla Wester
Source: Website KATO
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