More need for flexible office buildings startups Eindhoven

More need for flexible office buildings startups Eindhoven

27 Oct 2020

Newspaper Groot Eindhoven headlined yesterday "More need for flexible office buildings by young people and startups". Young people are encouraged to start entrepreneurship and in an innovative city like Eindhoven you don't have to say that twice. The consequence is that the number of offices, especially in the center, is falling short. This is the reason for Twice Eindhoven to start especially for young startups at the end of this year with affordable scalable and flexible office spaces in the startup hub Alpha on the TU/e Campus (Eindhoven University of Technology).​

According to the article, Eindhoven has over twenty thousand business locations. From agriculture to transport and from business services to culture. In the list of so-called residential objects that include schools, health centers and shops, the office function is head and shoulders above this. In August of this year it was reported that the number of young entrepreneurs, around twenty years old, is increasing considerably. The largest increase even took place among young people under the age of eighteen. This also has to do with the encouragement of entrepreneurship at universities of applied sciences. These young people will not immediately look for an office building, but if they like doing business, this group will eventually storm the market and look for their own space. In other words, more and more office and work spaces will be needed.

There is a great shortage of offices in the centers of large cities​

A report released in 2019 by the company Dynamis (including real estate consultants and appraisers) entitled: 'Battle for square meters in inner cities', the office market appears to be reasonably balanced (supply and demand), but in the centers of large cities not. There is an acute shortage there.

The report examines the largest cities in the Netherlands, including Eindhoven. "Not only does the office sector make a heavy claim for space in the Dutch centers, other space users are also strongly attracted to the good accessibility and lively atmosphere in central locations. This competition will determine the dynamics in the Dutch office landscape for the coming years, "the report says.

This report also mentions the innovative character of Eindhoven, which makes the city an attractive place to hold an office. The year 2019 turned out to be the fourth year in a row that there was a decrease in the supply. There is a lot of demand. And especially in the center, the supply has fallen and even halved. With regard to the peak in 2015, the supply has decreased by more than eighty thousand square meters.

Flexible locations and sharing of facilities appear to be popular (exactly what Twice offers)​

According to the article, startups and smaller companies benefit from more flexible office space. There is an enormous dynamic going on there. That could just be those graduate young adults. The consequence of the shortages in the center is that prices are high. Flexible office spaces are also not cheap. Sharing facilities and flexibility within these locations are proving to be very popular.

Alpha startup hub

Are you or do you know a young technology starter? There is no better place in Eindhoven to bring your innovative technology to fruition than in Alpha, located on the TU/e campus. Alpha is the place for innovative entrepreneurs who start their own business based on a technological invention or the application of existing technology. Feel free to call for a no-obligation appointment.

Startup hub Alpha - TU/e campus

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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