Hezelburcht: MIT Feasibility grant reopens in April 2023

Hezelburcht: MIT Feasibility grant reopens in April 2023

15 Feb 2023

Are you an SME and would you like to explore the technical or economical feasibility of a project idea? Then the MIT grant for feasibility studies could support you financially in this.

What can you apply for?

SMEs with innovation projects can apply for up to € 20.000 per feasibility project. Eligible costs include hours and costs of the applicant, as well as costs for an external advisor.

Which criteria does your project have to meet?

  • Your project explores the technical and/or economical feasibility of a project idea. Example activities are literature search, market exploration or experimental research;
  • Your project has to start within 4 months after approval of the application and has a maximum duration of 12 months;
  • Your project has to match the 'Missiegedreven Topsectorenbeleid';


Would you like to know more about MIT Feasiblity or could you use some help applying for it? Our grant specialists have extensive experience with MIT Feasibility applications and love to help you.

Contact Hezelburcht here!

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