MRE subsidy option: Regional support for SMEs in digitalization

MRE subsidy option: Regional support for SMEs in digitalization

29 Mar 2021

Do you want to prepare your company for the digital future? MRE (Metropolitan Region Eindhoven) is happy to help you with this new advice scheme Digitization SMEs 2021!

The development of digitization and datafication of business processes, systems and customer contact is continuing at lightning speed. Yet for many hard-working, successful entrepreneurs, there is still much to be gained in this area. If you are still at the beginning of digitization and data certification of one or more processes in your company, then you probably have many questions: Where do you start? What are the benefits? Who should you contact? It requires an investment in time and money to get started with this. Perhaps difficult, but necessary to become future-proof. And it may offer you opportunities to tap into new markets, develop products or generate more sales with existing customers. These new opportunities for entrepreneurship strengthen your competitive position and enable a good connection with (new) cooperation partners.


New Advice Scheme for Digitization of SMEs

As support in these challenging times, the 21 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Eindhoven offer you a voucher of up to € 1,000. This allows you to obtain advice for your company in the field of data certification and digitization from an expert. This can give you insight into which processes and actions you can digitize, whether and if so how you can use your business data for development and what is needed for that. The most important conditions are that you are located in this region and that you have to invest at least the same amount yourself.

On April 1, 2021, the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area will open an Advisory Scheme for the Digitalisation of SMEs. This scheme is part of the Corona Recovery Approach Broad Economic Business Climate. The scheme is temporary in nature and has a limited budget. As soon as the budget ceiling (for the time being € 150,000, but possibly to be increased by another € 150,000 in a second phase), the scheme will be closed. Applications are handled in order of receipt.

The scheme provides for a one-off contribution of up to 50% towards the costs of obtaining digitization advice for small-scale SMEs, with an absolute maximum of € 1,000. The advice must be aimed at promoting digitization within SMEs.


The Advice Scheme Digitizing SMEs provides a subsidy for the costs of an external consultant. One of the conditions is that you are an entrepreneur with less than 100 employees, located in the Eindhoven region and that you want to develop new activities in the field of digitization. This only applies when the project focuses on one or more of the following areas of attention:

  • Data Business: Advice for the development of new revenue models or an innovative further development of existing revenue models based on digital data;
  • Data & IT competence: Advice aimed at the (further) development of the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs and employees in the field of digitization and digital data;
  • Data sharing: Advice aimed at new possibilities to share data between companies and / or to utilize the possibilities of digitization with several companies;
  • Data Security: Advice aimed at protecting digital data against unauthorized access, damage and theft.


Please note: the application page will be opened on April 1!

If the project meets the conditions, submit your request via the application page, accompanied by an unsigned quotation for the digitization advice. A provisional decision is taken on the application with conditions. You carry out the project and the final subsidy amount will be settled after it has been tested against the conditions.

On April 1 you will find more information about applying here, see the button on the right.

Inspiration for the start of digitization: Learn-work program digital transformation

Twice a year, the Weconomics Certified Program (WCP) organizes a (non-technical) apprenticeship program at the Twice locations, which focuses on organizing a sustainable, digital and decentralized future with a focus on transformational leadership, transforming companies into network organizations. , digital transformation, modern organizational science and data technology. It focuses on the design and development of consortia / ecosystems and the implementation of the digital assembly line.

Through this certified program, participants prepare in six months for the role of entrepreneur, trainer, consultant or, for example, transformation lead. The program focuses mainly on perspective change and the design side of network organizations and consists of one day a week of education where, in addition to knowledge transfer, cases are also done and knowledge is exchanged. In addition to education, students carry out projects for organizations or startups. Topics covered include blockchain, rich data, data logistics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, data science and the digital assembly line. If you are interested in this, read more about this via the button.

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