MyTalentsLab helps organisations to develop further

MyTalentsLab helps organisations to develop further

21 May 2021

The business magazine Regio in Bedrijf published an interview with the two founders of MyTalentsLab in its labour market special this week. This company is located in hub Twinning on the TU/e Campus. It offers the cloud solution for talent development within organisations. Read the whole story here. 

In the vast majority of companies, employees are the most important asset. Yet many companies still have insufficient insight into the ambition, development needs and development potential of their employees.

The Online Platform of the Eindhoven-based MyTalentsLab of Bas van Hussen and Erik van de Vijver offers employers tools to structure their HR management and to get a better insight into and overview of the competences of all their employees. The platform also gives employees the opportunity to develop themselves on an ongoing basis.

Our vision is that employees in organisations should be continuously encouraged to develop themselves,' says Bas van Hussen. This creates an organisation that is continually developing and can easily keep up with new developments in the market.

Using talents optimally

According to Erik van de Vijver, many organisations are still searching in the area of digitalisation of their HR processes. Often, various programmes are used whose data cannot be linked. This results in a lack of structure and insights, and many employees are insufficiently aware of their potential. This is a shame, because it leads to a loss of knowledge in the organisation. With MyTalentsLab, we want to ensure that employees are able to use their talents optimally on the basis of their ambition and available potential. All this is tailored to the needs of the organisation they work for.

Continuous development

MyTalentsLab, which is located at the TU/e Science Park in the Twinning Hub, has set up an online platform that ensures that employees and employers can continuously develop themselves. Bas van Hussen: 'With our online platform, we ensure that all employees gain insight into their qualities and that they can further develop these according to their needs. In this way, the talents of employees can be optimally deployed within the organisation. There is insight/ overview, structure and continuous attention for each employee and everyone is heard. There is a need for development in all layers of an organisation. All this ensures greater job satisfaction and contributes to knowledge and talent being retained.

Mutual expectations

Erik van de Vijver adds: 'For employers, MyTalentsLab offers a single solution for assessment and performance, potential analysis, employee development through coaching, training and education, measurement of organisational culture and HR analytics. We work with short cyclical questionnaires. These also include the mutual expectations between the employee and the organisation, so that these are visible to both the immediate supervisor, the HR department and the employee. By using the MyTalentsLab Platform, companies and their employees can build on the further development of their organization in a much more efficient, user-friendly and stimulating way.

MyTalentsLab offers the cloud solution for talent development within organizations. With an innovative, complete and convenient online platform, MyTalentsLab stimulates and facilitates continuous development opportunities for employees. Our online platform continuously and objectively shows the talent, ambition and potential of all employees!

Auteur: Gerben van den Broek

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