NEN 7510 certification obtained by Javelin ICT

NEN 7510 certification obtained by Javelin ICT

23 Jun 2020

After obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, Javelin ICT, based in hub Twinning at the TU/e campus, also obtained the NEN 7510 certificate! With these two certifications in her pocket, she shows that the data security of both clients in the healthcare sector, as well as of herself, is guaranteed in a structural and proven way.


What is NEN 7510?
The NEN 7510 standard is a standard for information security for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. Because sensitive patient data is regularly exchanged in the healthcare sector, information security in this sector is essential. When a company is in possession of a NEN 7510 certificate, it is demonstrated that careful, responsible and confidential handling of privacy-sensitive data of patients or clients is carried out.

Because Javelin ICT now has a NEN 7510 certificate, she can therefore ensure that sensitive information is always protected and shows that she has an eye for the special needs that healthcare institutions have in this area.

Javelin ICT as an ICT partner
As an ICT partner, Javelin ICT offers a wide range of ICT solutions in areas such as network management, system management, ICT infrastructure and general ICT services. Are you looking for a reliable ICT partner or are you curious about the possibilities for your healthcare institution? Javelin ICT will be happy to help you with all your wishes and questions! Feel free to contact them by filling in the online contact form or call 040 - 850 3000. Together they will look at which strategy best suits your wishes and vision for the future.

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman
Source: Javelin ICT
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