NEW: Curriculum 'The Digital Assembly Line' for entrepreneurs and students

NEW: Curriculum 'The Digital Assembly Line' for entrepreneurs and students

11 Aug 2020

More and more organizations are becoming data companies. However, organising data can be much more efficient. For example, we spend more than 35 percent of our time at the office unnecessarily. 'The Digital Assembly Line'​ ensures less digital and human waste. 

‘Work Less, Achieve More’
Under the motto 'Work Less, Achieve More', Twice - together with the Weconomics Foundation - will launch the (non-technical) learning programme 'De Digitale Lopende Band' in September with a strong focus on design and organisational development. This apprenticeship programme is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about the use of new data technologies in the digital transition of their company. And for students who want to graduate on this subject. 

What does data technology mean for your organization? ​
Experts agree: what the physical assembly line has done in factories, 'The Digital Assembly Line' will do in offices. It is formed by disruptive data technologies, such as blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, rich data and data logistics. And the impact of this on organisations is considerable: costs fall sharply, lead times are shortened and the quality of information improves. Halving office work within one generation is no utopia. A conservative estimate shows that we spend more than 2.3 billion hours unnecessarily in offices every year. That's more than 35 percent per person. 

New generation digital leaders​
The aim of the learning programme 'The Digital Assembly Line' is to form the new generation of digital leaders, designers and developers by making full use of the technological possibilities of blockchain, IOT and AI. 

Program content​
The (non-technical) apprenticeship programme has a strong focus on design and organisational development. This certified program is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about the use of new data technologies. You follow the program and carry out assignments. Step by step you will learn what true digital transformation is:

  • Digital Waste Assessment: how much digital waste does your organization experience?
  • Community Model Canvas: how to collaborate cleverly in a consortium?
  • Digital Assembly Line: how do I set up a digital assembly line?
  • Community Building Simulation: how do you set up a project with parties with conflicting interests?
  • Blockchain Simulation Games: experience blockchain by doing it.
  • Blockchain, rich data and data logistics: what is it and what can I do with it?
  • Harvard Case Methode: move into the role of innovation manager

Students and the business community work together on concrete practical tasks, constantly sharing knowledge and taking it a step further. In short, several innovative partners with a shared ambition at a unique location on the TU/e Campus.

Nominated by Computable as one of the best courses in 2019! ​ 

For whom?​
The programme is intended for:

  • Managers and business experts, from companies that process a lot of data
  • Students (TU/e and Fontys) who have the opportunity to graduate through the programme
  • Organisations that wish to have a (exploration) assignment carried out 

The programme runs from 25 September 2020 (start of fourth edition) to 12 February 2021.
It lasts 20 weeks and takes place on Fridays (and possibly Wednesdays) between 9.30 and 16.30 hours. 

Twice – hub Twinning (TU/e Campus)

More information
In this broadcast on RTL-Z you see an impression of two startups from this program. The recordings were made in our building Mµ at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. To register, and for more information, an impression and evaluation of the previous group, go to this website.

Do you want to take your company to a higher digital level? Explore the possibilities for your company together with other entrepreneurs, business experts and students? Sign up and receive the book: 'De Digitale Lopende Band' by Paul Bessems.  

BrainBloC the starter engine of 'The Digital Conveyor'

The 'Digital Assembly Line' tutorial prevents digital and therefore human waste. This offers room for corporate social responsibility. The programme is part of a new concept of Twice in hub Twinning at the TU/e Campus: BrainBloC. 

BrainBloC the starter engine of 'The Digital Conveyor'

Within BrainBloC we pay attention to disruptive data technologies, such as blockchain, internet of things. It is not the blockchain technology itself that is central, but rather the impact of a crucial new general purpose technology (technologies that can affect an entire economy) to unlock and link reliable data. The broad adoption of this technology requires 'thinking and acting differently' by means of a thorough learning programme with concrete use cases and results. 

BrainBloC is unique because it focuses on fundamental new insights that arise from projecting the possibilities of blockchain and AI technology onto concrete use cases. This leads to fundamentally different insights into organizational and business models, which can then be set up digitally. There is no other place in Brainport where this knowledge is brought together in this way. In addition, BrainBloC offers an educational alternative, because from a different approach, with new technology as a starting point, modern tasks are looked at.

BrainBloC is the starter engine of the 'Digital Assembly Line' that sets Brainport in motion!

Written by
Corinne Moerman

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Corinne Moerman
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