New edition Weconomics Certified Program spring 2021

New edition Weconomics Certified Program spring 2021

4 Feb 2021

The global corona crisis (lack of reliable data), the social unrest in the US (fake news and disinformation) and the benefits affair in the Netherlands (bureaucracy, complexity and non-transparent algorithms) have not only brought to the surface what was not going well under water for some time. , but also one thing in common: the inadequate organization of the supply and demand of data. And that is exactly what you learn and put into practice in this learning work program: the fundamentally different organization of demand and supply of data with much less friction and in the interest of people and society.

The Weconomics Certified Program (WCP) is a (non-technical) apprenticeship program that focuses on organizing a sustainable, digital and decentralized future with a focus on transformational leadership, transforming companies into network organizations, digital transformation, modern organization science and data technology. It focuses on the design and development of consortia / ecosystems and the implementation of the digital assembly line. By means of this certified program, participants prepare themselves in six months for the role of entrepreneur, trainer, consultant or, for example, transformation lead. The program focuses mainly on perspective change and the design side of network organizations and consists of one day a week of education where in addition to knowledge transfer, cases are also done and knowledge is exchanged. In addition to education, students carry out projects for organizations or startups. Topics covered include blockchain, rich data, data logistics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, data science and the digital assembly line.

The WCP will start for the fifth time in March 2021 (WCP-5) and has been nominated by Computable as one of the best courses of 2019. Both students and organizations participate in this program. Course participants are students, entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees. This mix makes the program very effective. As a student you follow the educational program and as an organization you provide assignments that are carried out by students.

The program:

  • education: 1 day a week + home assignments
  • it is also possible to take only (online) lessons (theory)
  • starts twice a year in February and September
  • online, Breda and Eindhoven
  • including books Organizing Sustainable Prosperity and The Digital Loop
  • for curious and inquisitive cross-thinkers
  • completion with an oral exam and design assignment
  • course participants are students, self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and employees
  • "Free" education for students who carry out (paid) assignments
  • practice: students work on small or large (paid) assignments
  • assignments from consortia, startups, companies, governments, research institutions
  • also In-company (with employees, customers, supplier, etc.)
  • also intensive (4 * 3 days), or for example summer school (3 weeks)
  • assignments under the supervision of a senior consultant
  • free Weconomics partnership, free membership for years

Read a lot more information via the button, a free trial lesson on March 5th is possible! Start March 12 / end July 9, 2021.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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